Updated at: 2022-01-10

  • Do temporary links expire?

    Yes. Currently, links created by guests expire in 1 hour. Links created by users on Zero (free) plan expire in 24 hour. See more here.

  • What are Spaces?

    Spaces may be used just to "tag" links (like Gmail labels) and, additionally, to set default IP/port combinations. So in case you work with 2 or more servers (and different IP addresses), you can add them as Spaces. When adding a Link, select the according Space (leaving IP/port blank) and the generated link will follow the Space routing settings automatically. You can update the routing settings on a Space and the changes will reflect on all Links within that Space.

  • Why my website is missing images?

    If you are hotlinking images from hosts other than the one you've set in the temporary link creation, they may be offline. See more here.

  • Why the temporary URL does not load over HTTPS?

    If you are seeing a blank page, try setting the HTTPS port to 80. If the issue persists, see more here.

  • How can I automate links creation?

    See how to facilitate guests Links creation here. Check also our plans with API access. API documentation is here.

For other questions, please check our Help Center or send a ticket from there.