Terms of Use

Updated at: 2022-10-18.

SkipDNS is a special tool capable of proxying other websites from a specific combination of domain, IP address and port number (which may not be the same IP address and port number that your browser would normally load them from), such as which would happen when modifying the Hosts file of your own operating system, bypassing or "skipping" the DNS queries performed for certain hostnames - hence the name of the service.

Providing the necessary information, an address in the form "skipdns.link/example" will be dynamically generated, as well as an associated address in the form of a subdomain (example.skipdns.link). For each pair of addresses created, we name it "Link". Through these links, our service can be used to verify that site migrations between different servers or hosting companies have been successfully completed, to create sites in a sandbox before making any DNS/nameservers changes, and for other purposes that our users find for the tool.

The data entered on the websites during the proxy process will be sent directly to external servers specified by the user, which are not under our control. Likewise, we do not actively investigate incoming content before sending it to visitors' browsers. References to the hostname of the external website and elements that interact with services provided by third parties that require a specific format or identifier to work under our domain are automatically replaced during the proxy process.

These subtle changes are made to the data sent and received in each request, in an attempt to make the site's features work correctly through the alternate address, in particular, preventing internal links from breaking. No data is permanently saved on our servers during the proxy process, except access logs.

We do not use tracking cookies, only cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to function. A consent page is displayed on first access to each dynamically generated proxy alias (subdomain) in our system, detailing its operation and settings. When changes are made to the proxy address settings, the consent page will be displayed again.

We offer a sample of our paid service through the possibility to create "Links" directly on the main page of our website, as a visitor, as well as a free plan, under which all new non-paying users are allocated. Links created by these users do not function differently from links created by paying users in terms of their technical aspects. However, this is a mere courtesy, with limits on the period of operation and number of clicks received, being suspended when one of the criteria is met. The limits applicable to new links created by non-payers fluctuate, varying according to the demand of our servers, without prior notice. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend access to the service for non-payers at any time.

We ban selected domains/words in aliases and destination URLs. In case you face issues trying to add/access a link you consider legit, get in touch with us and provide details so we can investigate and study the possibility to whitelist your case.

The service can be evaluated before a paid subscription is made and therefore we do not process chargebacks under any circumstances. Be sure to cancel your subscription when you are no longer interested in the service.

By registering on our site, you consent to us sending you service-related communications and marketing messages.

Should you have any question, please contact us.