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Updated at: 2023-07-22.

SkipDNS is a tool that enables you to proxy websites by utilizing a specific combination of domain, IP address, and port number. This functionality allows you to access websites through SkipDNS using addresses like "skipdns.link/example" or a subdomain like "example.skipdns.link". These addresses are referred to as "Links" and can serve various purposes, such as facilitating site migrations or establishing sandbox environments.

During the proxy process, any data entered on the websites is directly transmitted to external servers as specified by the user. We do not actively scrutinize the content before delivering it to visitors' browsers. Furthermore, references to the hostname of the external website and elements that interact with third-party services are automatically substituted to guarantee seamless functionality.

During the proxy process, we do not retain any data on our servers, except for access logs. We do not employ tracking cookies; only cookies essential for the website's operation are utilized. Upon the initial access to each proxy alias, a consent page is presented, elucidating its functionality and configurations. In the event that alterations are made to the proxy address settings, the consent page will be displayed once more.

On our website, we provide a trial version of our paid service, enabling visitors to generate links with restrictions on the duration of operation and the quantity of clicks received. These limitations are subject to change without prior notification. We retain the authority to temporarily suspend access to the service for non-paying users at any given moment.

We reserve the right to modify the features of our plans at any time, without prior notification, at our discretion. Nevertheless, we will make every effort to ensure that users are kept on plans that closely resemble the one they have subscribed to.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts of users who engage in abusive behavior. Examples of abuse include using a lower-tier plan, such as Hobbyist or Developer, for business purposes when a higher-tier plan, such as Agency, Enterprise, or Partner, would be more appropriate. We take such abuse seriously in order to ensure fair usage and optimal service for all our users. Accounts that are suspended due to abuse are not eligible for refunds.

We maintain a list of prohibited domains and words for aliases and destination URLs. If you encounter any difficulties when adding or accessing a link that you believe is legitimate, please contact us with the relevant details. We will investigate the matter and assess the possibility of whitelisting your case.

In order to maintain the efficiency of our service and minimize the delay on every page load, we proactively scale our infrastructure horizontally. This ensures that we can provide the best possible service to our users whenever needed. As a result, all accounts, including dormant ones, contribute to our daily costs. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we do not process chargebacks or refunds under any circumstances. If you are no longer interested in our service, we kindly request that you cancel your subscription.

We reserve the right to modify or update these Terms. If there are significant changes, we will notify you through your account dashboard and update the date at the top of this page. By continuing to use our Services, you confirm your acceptance of our Terms and any subsequent changes. We hope you will continue to use our Services, but if you do not agree with the amended Terms, please delete your account to discontinue using our Services.

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