Terms of Use

Updated at: 2021-12-02

SkipDNS is a special tool capable of proxying other websites from a specific combination of IP address and port number (which may not be the same IP address and port number from which your browser would normally load them). This may be used to verify website migrations (between servers or webhosting companies), to build websites in a sandbox/temporary address before performing DNS/nameservers changes, and other purposes.

Changes are performed to the sent/received data on each request in attempt to make the website features work over the alternative address, links no to break, etc. No data is saved permanently on our servers during the proxying process other than some access logs kept for legal reasons. The IP address where data will be sent to is not under our control.

All pages under each "alias" (i.e.: each subdomain, such as alias.skipdns.link) are configured to interact with a specific IP address, through a specific port when requests are sent over HTTP and another one for requests sent through HTTPS, passing the relevant domain name as identifier. These settings may be changed from our control panel (when the user is registered on our website). The aliases may also expire or get deleted and then be recreated with different settings in the future (but the same or another user or visitor).

Your accordance to these Terms will be saved into a single cookie at your device (on the first visit to one of our aliases), with no specific expiration date (it's a session cookie, which will either be disposed after closing all browser windows and/or rebooting your device or, in case your browser is configured to retain sessions after restarts, until you decide to manually delete cookies placed by our domain on your device). While the cookie is there, we will understand you consent with our policies and unlikely show this page to you again.

Other cookies may be stored on your device (if your browser settings allow so) by the websites we are proxying, the same way the cookies could be stored on your device by these websites directly. No matter the website in question is properly following GDPR/LGPD and similar laws demands and abiding to the obligation of informing you about the presence of tracking cookies or not, here is the warning in advance (we cannot insert this information directly to the pages we are proxying but any attempt to load them before reading this page will redirect to here automatically).

The consent page is displayed only once for all of the "aliases" (subdomains) hosted under our domain. This is done this way to ensure interaction between all the pages hosted under different aliases/subdomains do work properly.

Should you have any question, please contact us.